KDictThai : An English - Thai dictionary

Dictionary data from DictHope 2.0 (Download version) by Hope Studio, Thanks.

Ported to Berkeley DB by Donga

Current version: 0.0.1 Beta2 (Beta test 2, Unstable version)


Version 0.0.1 Beta2 Version 0.0.1 Beta1

License type: GPL version 2



There are some screenshot...

English Localized

Thai Localized.

Popup clipboard translation features.


Please go to Project page for download

KdictThai base packages Dictionary data Packages (Separated from base source already)

Installation NOTE

For self compiling, download kdictthai-0.0.1beta2.tar.gz and following instructions
$ tar zxvf kdictthai-0.0.1beta2.tar.gz
$ cd kdictthai-0.0.1beta2
$ make -f Makefile.dist
$ ./configure
$ make
$ make install

For kdictthai-0.0.1beta2-1.src.rpm try to make RPM package by
$ rpmbuild --rebuild kdictthai-0.0.1beta2-1.src.rpm

If you downloaded kdictthai-0.0.1a-i386.tar.gz
You can make RPM package by:

$ rpmbuild -ta kdictthai-0.0.1a-i386.tar.gz

** Note for compiling on Mandrake 9.0**
Please install following package:
** for db_cxx, Mandrake didn't link header files to /usr/include **
You must self linking by:
# cd /usr/include
# ln -fs db3/db_cxx.h db_cxx.h
# ln -fs db3/cxx_common.h cxx_common.h
# ln -fs db3/cxx_except.h cxx_except.h
Then try to build or compile package.

Known bugs

Version 0.0.1beta1 Version 0.0.1a (Alpha test)

Open Discussion

Discussion Forums: Open Discussion at my Project@sourceforge

Last update : 13/1/2003
Copyright(c) 2002, Thanomsub Noppaburana <donga_n@yahoo.com>

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